Live In Houston: Physical CD
  • Live In Houston: Physical CD

Live In Houston: Physical CD

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Sparky Parker's debut release Live In Houston is a red-hot mix of electric blues original and cover songs played live, power trio style. Sparky's guitar chops and vocal prowess take center stage on this live recording captured one night in Houston, TX in front of an enthusiastic hometown crowd.

The powerhouse rhythm section featuring Kevin Berry (drums) and Larry Evans (bass) is right in the pocket on every song and provides a solid foundation for Sparky to shine.

Original songs "Games" "Treat Me Mean" and 'Like You Say You Do" show off Sparky's songwriting abilities while he reinvents age-old blues classics like Muddy Waters "I'm Ready" and Howlin Wolf's "Killin Floor" and gives them a face lift.

  1. You Don't Love Me (Live) 04:03
  2. Treat Me Mean (Live) 05:40
  3. Games (Live) 04:47
  4. Killin Floor (Live) 04:00
  5. I'm Ready (Live) 03:55
  6. That's All I Need (Live) 03:40
  7. Shes Dangerous (Live) 03:45
  8. Long Distance Call (Live) 04:59
  9. Like You Say You Do (Live) 03:03
  10. Catfish Blues (Live) 08:57

Sparky Parker - Guitar/Vox Kevin Berry - Drums Larry Evans - Bass

Recorded at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar Nov. 1st 2014 Recorded and mixed by Roger Tausz Mastered by Rock Romano Produced by Sparky Parker

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